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Symphopaint hardly needs a new design and I hardly need myself some free time to do the job (well, time is a luxury thing nowadays, isn't it ?) : this temporary page is however updated and makes it possible to you to discover some of my last graphical and musical works... while waiting for the new version of the website. See you soon! - 15th.06.2011
Since Reunion Island was populated from the XVIIth century, the history of my country is late and its popular tales are too much contemporary to satisfy my appetite for fantastic worlds full of dragons and other creatures, swords, kingdoms, princesses, elves and dwarves. That's the reason why I decided to fill the lack of ancient myths and legends by creating my own local fantasy, my magical weapons being pens and brushes.
You can have a look below to the 1st paintings I have done for this project ; actually, I rather work on many sketches preliminary to the next paintings. As I was hesitating over the way to deal with the subject and make it as right as possible, Charlie LESQUELIN, a professional painter, encouraged me to go ahead and helped me then to overcome my primary doubts : many thanks to him.
Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures and navigate into the gallery.
A selection of actual and past paintings... Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures and navigate into the gallery.
- Bras-Panon festival from 06th to 15th May 2011 : I've been called to paint live inside the Région Réunion's kiosk during this yearly event. Many positive contacts with the visitors, the team who was working here and the daily participants were rather kind people. Children are particularly a very applicated public :o)
Local newspaper 13th.05.2011 (in French)
Photos by
Valérie Ricquebourg
June 2010 : the SILLYCAT band (I am their guitarist) have released their 1st album : Terre Promise. A mix of de rock, pop, vocal and instrumental songs. Available online only.
More infos on the Sillycat official website.
Lead and rythm guitar tracks recorded for the singer HIL's song, Fuir.
The CD album was released in May 2011.
All the musical projects I've worked on and my own songs on will be collected on a single page inside the future website. Thanks for understanding.
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